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Anllela Sagra is the Colombian model OnlyFans who beats them all. She has a stunning figure that she has achieved with the miraculous gym. With only 22 years old, Anllela is a fitness star and one of the most sought-after fitness trainers.

Recently, she published in her Instagram account a photo in which she looks spectacular. She’s dressed in a blue swimsuit that has the whole part of her abdomen uncovered, but she lifts it up a bit more and lets it all show. Her skin looks shiny and the muscles of her abdomen look like the cover. What you can see most in the photo is her splendid figure, her face is half hidden and her loose hair frames her slightly tanned face.

The photograph got more than 233 thousand likes and the comments were abundant as expected. «Beautiful as always», says her friend Ariana James. «You look amazing without trying so hard» OnlyFans , «The body of Instagram» and «What a great shot», were some of the well deserved praises. Sagra knows that his impressive body is worthy of a magazine, that is why he has perfectly worked photographs.

Anllela Sagra with less earns more

If you are looking for bikinis and underwear, this fitness model is the one for you. There are few pictures where you can see her fully dressed, and her fans would say: «why, if she doesn’t need it». This statement is totally true and goes hand in hand with the Colombian woman’s motto, where less becomes more. OnlyFans

Recently, she highlighted with a video where she poses with a leopard swimsuit that fits her vibrantly and reminds a little of Jane. It is not a coincidence that her fans are so in love with her. Anyway, Anllela Sagra has become a celebrity of Instagram and in her posts you don’t need too many words to stand out. 11 million followers are pleased.

The strange case of Anllela Sagra the Fitness Model
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Does Anllela Sagra suffer from a disease?
We all know the famous fitness influencer Anllela Sagra, she is a 27 year old Colombian model who became famous on social networks, she started to go viral on her Instagram account @anllela_sagra.

Where Anllela Sagra began to share photos with sportswear in the gym, or with a swimsuit, and also very sensual photos where she wore a spectacular body and a smile that conquered the networks, quickly reaching almost 12 million followers in her Instagram account, and achieving worldwide fame.

OnlyFans Anllela Sagra instagram

At that time Sagra was in a relationship with Tomas tfit360 and they shared photos every day of their routines and training. But the weird thing started when she stopped uploading content to her social networks abandoning them completely.

All the people who followed her, who were millions, began to ask themselves and write to her in her publications that where she was, if she was well or because she no longer published anything.

But Anllela was still missing, news was even written that Anllela Sagra was missing, that Sagra was ill, news that Anllela Sagra was in hospital because of an anorexia problem, there were also rumours that she was pregnant, and there was even news that Sagra was dead.

anllela sagra naked onlyfans

But to all this Anllela never responded to clear up the rumours, and she never showed up.

When after a year she reappears in her Instagram account and publishes again a photo, but she looks very different, she sees a much thinner Sagra, and without the body fitness that her fans were used to see her, it seems that it could be a problem of depression since she ended her relationship with Tomas tfit360.

anllela sagra and her boyfriend

Anllela Sagra also changed her fitness content for a more erotic and sensual one, leaving behind the routines and post Healty, for the content for men who will be paying to see Anella with very few clothes.

Now this model opened her account with Adult content where she continues posing, but now without clothes or leaving less to the imagination.