Daniela Legarda OnlyFans

Daniela Legarda opened OnlyFans

And he disappointed his followers. The exclusive content that the influencer shared on this platform did not convince several of her fans.

Daniela Legarda confirmed in her social networks that she opened an Onlyfans account to share exclusive content about her new facet as a singer and to get to know her fans better. However, she received criticism from some who consider «indecent» the content that is uploaded to that platform, while others believe that she is not making proper use of it.

OnlyFans is a platform or social network that is talked about a lot lately, because several celebrities use it to share unique and subscription-based content with their followers. The publications can contain photos, videos, image albums, audios, live videos and even stories on any topic.

However, the social network has stood out because many of its users publish explicit sexual content, which does not generate blockages on the platform, since it can only be seen by those who decide to pay the amount established by the content creator, normally between 5 and 20 dollars a month, depending on the type of publication.

Many of Daniela Legarda’s followers have that thought about the platform. They believe that those who use it only upload adult content, which is why several criticized the influencer for believing that she would also start sharing photos and videos with sexual content, while other followers celebrated the news.

«As far as I know that page is only for showing photos and videos with high sexuality content, I didn’t think you could go that far, I admired you a lot,» says one of Legarda’s followers, who does not agree with the fact that the influencer uses this new tool.

Meanwhile, several of the new singer’s followers assured that they would immediately go to Daniela’s profile in OnlyFans to «enjoy the content». But, apparently, they didn’t find what they expected and ended up being disappointed.

In the publication in her official profile of Instagram, Daniela Legarda reported that «I just created an OnlyFans where I will be sharing exclusive content, like my music before it comes out, behind the scenes, bloopers, photos, special content», she added that also «it will be a way where we can talk live and get to know each other».

Despite her description of what her account would contain on the new social network, which was apparently not read by her followers, many of those who expected adult content from the sister of the late reggaeton singer Legarda ended up claiming in the comments that it was a «waste of money,» while others applauded the young woman for finding a different way to use the social network.

«If there are no nudes I don’t want anything», «OnlyFans is not to see you in pictures xxx», were some of the comments that the influencer received. Daniela Legarda even responded to one of the comments by saying that, although many upload sexual content, hers «won’t be like that at all.

Recently, Bella Thorne, a former Disney star, broke a record on the platform for exclusive paid content. At 22, Thorne continues to grow in the adult content industry, winning an award on the PornHub platform in 2019 for a film she directed and, at OnlyFans, she received over $1 million for subscriptions in less than an hour.