Gwengwiz Onlyfans

Gwengwiz Onlyfans

Canadian YouTuber that became famous mainly for its ASMR channel, GwenGwiz, where it is known for its atypical ASMR style. The videos on her channel have accumulated over 72 million views so far. She later began to focus on her lifestyle channel called gwengwizetc, where she began sharing about fashion, beauty, veganism, life, anxiety and travel.

Before Fame

He has attended The RTA School of Media at Ryerson University.


It has a secondary channel dedicated to veganism and beauty called gwengwizetc.

Family life

She was born in Canada. She has published photos of her cat named River on Instagram. She revealed her boyfriend Matty in a video she released in July 2018.

Associated with

In 2017 she published a beauty booty in Kylie Jenner’s popular lipstick line.