Kerry Katona Onlyfans

Kerry Katona says OnlyFans has improved her sex life, but is bothered by photo leaks

Kerry Katona charges £20 per month for fans to access spicy snapshots and footage of her on the OnlyFans site
Kerry Katona says that being on the controversial adult-only website OnlyFans has fueled her bedroom antics.

The former Atomic Kitten singer, 39, charges £20 a month for fans to access snapshots and videos of her. The mother of four, who is engaged to fitness trainer Ryan Mahoney, says it’s not just the financial benefit she gets from selling her hot pictures.

The beauty shared how appearing on the site has helped her gain confidence and sex life in her latest news column! Kerry also pointed out that some of her snapshots have been leaked online for free, which she does not appreciate.

Kerry wrote: «This is the thing about making OnlyFans, your pictures are leaked, almost all of mine have been. «It’s annoying because it’s like, what’s the point of charging people when they’re already on the Internet? But you have to look at it in a positive way and think of it as an advertisement for your account».

She continued, «Every person who follows me on OnlyFans has increased my confidence and my sex life. Kerry made the decision to register on the site after experiencing an epic transformation in which she dropped to a size 8 last year.

In May, Kerry defended her decision to appear on OnlyFans.

Another great set of @annsummers and I’m not going to lie. I love doing @onlyfansofficial. I feel so empowered and confident,» she wrote in Instagtam.

«It’s been a complete game changer… I can’t get over the amount of support I’ve been given, thank you all very much …

«And other people’s opinions about me are none of my business! Don’t live your life for others! Life is too short».

She signed the publication with the hashtag #bekind. One wrote: «I really thought you were better than that», before calling the movement an «all-time low» for the star.

But another took the star’s side, saying, «Not everyone in Onlyfans gets theirs. Their life, their body and their choice».