Macarena Vélez OnlyFans

Macarena Vélez announces Only Fans: former reality girl to be paid for her photos and videos

Macarena Vélez confirmed that she will soon be on Only Fans, a social network where her fans can see her more sensual than ever.

Through Instagram, the former participant of «Esto es guerra» published a sensual photograph showing her «totó».

For this reason, Fabio Agostini told her that it would be a good idea to create a profile on Only Fans.

One more. Macarena Vélez, who recently was involved in a series of «dimes y diretes» against Said Palao and Alejandra Baigorria, has just announced that she will be opening an account on the page of the moment, OnlyFans.

In a publication that Macarena made about how she spends her time on the beaches in the north of the country, Fabio Agostini commented on her photo, emphasizing the ‘derrier’ of the reality girl. Macarena Vélez, far from bothering, responded to the comment.

«Beautiful Fabio! It’s coming too,» said Macarena, leaving her in doubt.

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However, the Spanish model immediately replied by asking directly if he was referring to the OnlyFans. «OnlyFans now,» said Fabio. Macarena Vélez did not hesitate to confirm the Spaniard’s proposal.

«Fabio, it’s coming,» said Macarena. So she would be one more model who joins the famous adult page.

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In the world of show business, there are several personalities who have decided to generate money through the platform, because of the pandemic they have been canceled different events. Macarena Gastaldo, Xoana González, Leslie Shaw, Vania Bludau and the Agostini brothers are some of those who are uploading content.

As we remember, OnlyFans is a website for adults, where some celebrities upload their «hot» photos. If you want to see them, you must pay a monthly fee. Prices start from $5; the amount is decided by the content creator. Some celebrities get more than $5000 per month because of the high demand they have.

You may also be interested in: Fire! Vania Bludau joins OnlyFans and leaves nothing to the imagination. Macarena Vélez surprises when she announces that she will create an Only Fans account. Macarena Vélez surprised her fans on social networks by announcing that she will soon be on Only Fans. The model would clearly add to the popularity of this digital platform that allows the sharing of uncensored content under a paid subscription system.

In one of her recent publications on Instagram, Macarena Vélez was encouraged to share a bold photo. It was then that Fabio Agostini advised her to join Only Fans, as it has become a means of earning significant amounts of money.

Due to this comment, Macarena Vélez did not hesitate to announce that she will be part of the aforementioned platform. «Fabiño hermoso! ya se viene tb», were the words of the model to the surprise of the thousands of people who follow her on all her social networks.

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Let’s remember that it was Magaly Medina’s programme that made it known that there are people from the local show business world who belong to this controversial social network. In the report she presented, it was revealed that Leslie Show, Macarena Gastaldo and even Fabio Agostini found a tool in this medium to make money with their photos and videos.

On the other hand, Xoana Gonzalez, also in the program Magaly TV: La Firme, told details of how Only Fans works and the significant amounts that can be earned with their subscription system. The Argentinean revealed that one of her first months she was able to earn about 10 thousand dollars generating content for this foreign platform.