Vanessa Senior Onlyfans


The Venezuelan comedian and influencer, Vanessa Senior, is always involved in controversy because of her comments and controversies in social networks, and once again aroused the acid comments of all her followers by announcing that she is now available on the explicit content platform OnlyFans.
With a very comical video, the Venezuelan parodies her own attitude with which she criticized the women «of the happy life» who opened their account on this platform only for exhibitionism.
Venezuelan comedian and influencer, Vanessa Senior, never lets controversy and polemic arise. In this opportunity she has caused a stir in the networks with strong criticism after opening an account in OnlyFans.

This Friday, with a video parody, where she criticized with her own attitude, women «of the happy life» who opened their account only for exhibitionism, Senior announced that he joined the platform used for exclusive content, OnlyFans.

The comments did not take long to arrive, hundreds of haters demonstrated in the form of criticism and mockery.

The comedian this Monday, November 9, has responded to some of the comments, in one of them pointing out that «I’m wearing 500 seriously this week I show you what I’m going to buy».


In only 2 days the Onlyfans of Vanessa Senior (@vanessasenior) has raised the figure of 500$ to have their photographs removed.

Dear haters! I am passing by to inform you that I have only fans. The link is and there you can insult me with threat and everything and I will not insult you. It’s time for you to finish with me. I am waiting for you