Zelina Vega Onlyfans

Zelina Vega finds in Only Fans an alternative due to WWE restrictions

Last week controversy erupted over WWE’s restrictions on the accounts of its superstars on social networks, including platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and Cameo. WWE took control of Twitch’s channels, where talent can only receive a percentage of the revenue generated by their platforms, and many expressed their displeasure at the decision.

Some superstars were highly critical of WWE’s decision, such as Paige, who learned that AJ Styles, Mia Yim and Cesaro had announced their departure from Twitch during a live broadcast. She stepped away from the camera for a moment, and tried to speak on the subject while holding back her own tears. There are more cases of other talents who have refused to close their channels, such as Jessamyn Duke, who posted a message on the header of her personal Youtube account indicating that she will not close her channel because it is hers.

Another person affected by this measure was Zelina Vega. In the last few hours she has made the decision to obtain income through other channels. Vega has announced the opening of her personal channel on Only Fans, a content subscription service where creators can earn money by selling content to their subscribers. Under the name «Megan Minx»,

Zelina Vega’s OnlyFans account has a cost of $30 per month and the following description


WWE’s restrictions only affected social networks such as YouTube, Twitch and Cameo. In principle, Zelina Vega will be able to interact with her fans without problems, although it remains to be seen whether this decision will have consequences for the company. It is very likely that other superstars will look for alternatives such as Only Fans from now on.